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Video's Biofarm 2019

BioFarm 2019 – Dr Christine Jones

Keynote speaker Dr Christine Jones’ presentation to BioFarm 2019: "The Soil Microbiome - Restoring biodiversity in agricultural soils"


BioFarm 2019 – Steve Gabriel

Silvopasture author and agroforestry expert Steve Gabriel (USA) on the benefits of agroforestry in a livestock & horticultural / cereals approach. The value of trees as a forage in a farmland situation. What trees are best and how suitable to Irish climate can this be applied? 


BioFarm 2019 – Russ Carrington

Russ Carrington of Pasture for Life presents on opportunities for farmers producing 100% pasture-fed meat and milk.  


BioFarm 2019 - Klaus Laitenberger Breakout Session

Author and organic farmer Klaus Laitenberger's presentation on growing alternative crops - breakout session on Day 1 of BioFarm 2019.


BioFarm 2019 – Wil Armitage

UK dairy farmer and Nuffield Scholar Wil Armitage speaks about managing a grass-based dairy system in a biological farming context. 


BioFarm 2019 - Andy Howard

UK no till farmer and Nuffield Scholar Andy Howard's presentation on companion cropping in biological farming and crop seeding establishment. 

BioFarm 2019 - Jim Cronin

Iconic Irish farmer and horticulture expert Jim Cronin speaks about Practical Steps to Implementing Biological Farming. 


BioFarm 2019 – Dr Helen Sheridan

Dr Helen Sheridan of UCD presents on the results & conclusions from the Smart Grass Project. 


BioFarm 2019 – Rob Havard

Rob Havard (UK) speaking about Grassland / mob grazing / bale grazing as well as managing livestock in a grass-fed system with a focus on grass type and breed type selections. 

BioFarm 2019 - Jim Cronin Breakout Session

Legendary Irish horticulturalist Jim Cronin speaks about compost management in a small horticultural unit to a breakout session on Day 2 of BioFarm 2019. 

BioFarm 2019 – Michael Murphy of Southern Scientific

Soil Analysis for Regenerative Agriculture – Michael Murphy on standardisation. 


BioFarm 2019 – Thomas Fouhy

Cork’s finest Thomas Fouhy presents to Day 2 of BioFarm 2019 on alternative crops and crop rotations in cereals production. 


BioFarm 2019 - DANÚ Group Presentation

Members of the DANU Group (Dave Beecher, Kenny Roberts & Andrew Bergin) discuss their experiences of biological / regenerative farming in Ireland.  


BioFarm 2019 - DANÚ Group Presentation

Breakout session with Rob Havard (UK) on Day 2 of BioFarm 2019. Rob spoke about increasing pasture sward diversity using no-till methods as well as managing livestock in a grass-fed system.


BioFarm 2019 - BASE Group - Biological Farming Origin Stories

Panel session with members of the BASE Group discussing their conversion to biological / regenerative agriculture. Mark Armitage, Rob Coleman, and Gareth Culligan speak about their journeys in biological farming.    

This was recorded on Day 2 of "BioFarm 2019 - Ireland's Bioloigical Farming Conference" which took place on November 5th & 6th 2019 in Portlaoise. Organised by National Organic Training Skillnet, the conference brought together more than 300 farmers, growers, processors, and agricultural professionals for an in-depth look at biological and regenerative farming practices in Ireland and around the world. 

BioFarm 2019 - "The Future of Biological Farming" - panel session

Dr Christine Jones, Andrew Bergin, Wil Armitage, Andy Howard, Thomas Fouhy and Jim Cronin discuss the future of Biological / Regenerative Farming in Ireland. Panel session hosted by Darragh McCullagh.


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